Words to Actions


Words to Actions

Once again I teamed up with Kay Leathers and the brilliant folks at Oliver’s Island We were missioned to create a thoughtful, uplifting animation to spread the inspiring results of the ‘Words to Actions’ Report.

‘Words to Actions’ is a report about the results of the investigation of 19 different approaches to the treatment of depression, from all over Europe. This subject was close to our hearts and we wanted to create a beautiful flowing animation, all hand-drawn with feeling. It features a combination of 2D, 3D and frame-by-frame techniques for animation.


Directed by: Yaya Gadon and Kay Leathers
Producer: Simone Radclyffe, Oliver’s Island
Storyboard and Illustration: Kay Leathers
Animation: Kay Leathers and Yaya Gadon

THE GOAL: to inspire investment in treatment approaches, resulting in more access to these successful programs.




About Words To Actions

40 million in Europe people are living with depression, but how do we know what help will be effective? By focusing on approaches that have been proven to have a positive impact, we can ensure we’re investing wisely in the prevention and care of depression. The Words to Actions initiative has explored examples of successful programmes across Europe and identified key lessons from them.

More details: wordstoaction.eu