Assurance in Sustainability Reports


Assurance in Sustainability Reports

‘Assurance in Sustainability Reports’ is a short animation explaining the benefit of seeking Assurance in sustainability reports for businesses worldwide. Working together with CSRI consulting, we devised a script and draft storyboard to begin the process of turning assurance into easily digestible content for social platforms.

Direction: Yaya Gadon and Kay Leathers
Animation: Yaya Gadon
Storyboards and designs: Kay Leathers

In this video we decided to put the animation in the ‘hands’ of the audience, building a desk environment from the perspective of the sitter.

To create a more ‘real experience, we used natural colours and textures, but with stylised elements such as the play on scaling and solid/stroke style of the graphics. The characters were created by our Illustrator, Kay, using her signature cute and playful style.

The long table shot was fun to build and going with the theme that with CSRI assurance, many hands make light work of that hefty report!

To differentiate the outside world, we used frame by frame animation for the handshake footage, giving a warm and organic feeling to this sign of trust.