Here at YAYA, we care about our environment and we love animals. We believe that everyone can make steps to live without harming our planet or other living creatures.

We’re always on the look out for sustainable and eco-friendly companies to work with. So we decided to contact a charity we love dearly – Veganuary. We offered to create a snappy, fun animation series for social media which would help attract and inspire new audiences to ‘Take the Pledge’ to be vegan this January – and hopefully beyond.

After initial brainstorming, it was decided that we would use the concept of the usual ‘food’ animals and turn them into characters you couldn’t dream of eating! Our illustrator created six adorable animals each with their unique attitude, quirky accessories and funky dance moves.

We approached some of the volunteer members of Veganuary and, to our delight, they all loved it. The chicken character was completed as the test animation, and sent along to Simon, the Chief Executive of Veganuary and our main contact. He was overjoyed with the initial animation and couldn’t wait to find a place for all the animations in their campaign. After this initial boost, we set about completing the remaining animals and fitting them to the Veganuary style guidelines.

We really wanted the animations to grab the attention of potential vegans so we reached out to sound designer, Kirk Pearson, founder of Dogbotic Music and Sound lab. Designing a unique track for each character, we think his music really set the animations on fire! You can listen to some more of his awesome sounds by visiting Dogbotic.

Watch the full videos below or catch our funky characters rolling out on Veganuary’s social media throughout January 2019.

If you’d like to take the Veganuary pledge this year, please head to the Veganuary website to sign up!